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Website & Application Updates


Dec. 06, 2019


Contact:  Sara Kwenzile
Media Liaison

Website & Application Updates

First off, we would like to thank everyone in the city for supporting the vision of Grow Baton Rouge, and our partners to whom much of the work wouldn’t be possible in it’s current state, we also humbly apologize for the horrible job we have done over the past 1year or so with keeping the website updated as needed to best serve the needs of the public.   As part of our internal improvement efforts and to better meet the needs of the city we have developed a multi-phase website and infrastructure update that has already begun. 

In short we are taking an improved commitment to not only do the work on the ground in the community, but to:

  • Be intentional in our communication efforts through our website, partners and other channels. 
  • Provide better technical systems to make:
    • Eating healthier more painless
    • Supporting the overall work we are doing in the community. 

Here is what has happened and what to begin to look for in the near future:

This is just sensational taste of some of the goodness coming your way from Grow Baton Rouge in 2020.

Stay tuned for more mobile market locations, and a host of innovation:


Sara K. 

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