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Community Gardens

Our community gardens are key element in :

  • Forming on the ground alliances with members of the community. 
  • Having a physical space in neighborhoods that serve as a safe space with multi use and purpose. 
  • Help us fight food insecurity.
  • Help us directly supply food to those in need.
  • Help supply produce to the Grow Baton Rouge Farmers Markets.
  • Help us teach agriculture to the youth and community.
  • Serve as pipeline to get the community engaged on a deeper level of or our food and health initiatives. 
    Helps fight blight.
  • It helps to bring our community together and empower them to take control of their future. 

Would you are your organization like to take part in this monumental effort to heal and build our city? 

There are few primary ways you can take part :

  1. You can contribute your time, energy & effort. 
  2. You can donate financially to efforts to heal and build our city. 
  3. You can donate equipment  & supplies to help heal and build our city.