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Building Community Gardens Through Baton Rouge
An Initiative of THE CEO MIND Foundation
Unifying the Community Through Growing
WE teach the power of growing and eating healthy early
Working Hard to better the future
The Fresh Cube
All around Baton Rouge fighting food deserts and nutrition insecurity.
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As we enter 2020 we are looking forward to a lot of exciting, innovative things to have great impact on the city of Baton Rouge and set the stage for cities across the nation to follow. 

Our public, private and community partnerships with those such as City of Baton Rouge, Mayor President Sharon Weston Broome, Healthy BR, Councilman Lamont Cole, Southern University and host of others are going to change the dynamics of what collaborative problem solving looks like.   



What Would You Like To Grow?

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Grow Now!

Let’s GROW Together

With a full understanding that we are taking on a monumental but purposeful and much needed task, WE are reaching out to other organizations who’s mission is in alignment with curing the hunger challenges facing our community, and those who have the technical expertise , assets and reach to make this work easier and more sustainable.  If your organization is a believer in our goal and want to take part in making this happen, please join us.

Our community gardens are key element in :

  • Forming on the ground alliances with members of the community. 
  • Having a physical space in neighborhoods that serve as a safe space with multi use and purpose. 
  • Help us fight food insecurity.
  • Help us directly supply food to those in need.
  • Help supply produce to the Grow Baton Rouge Farmers Markets.
  • Help us teach agriculture to the youth and community.
  • Serve as pipeline to get the community engaged on a deeper level of or our food and health initiatives. 
    Helps fight blight.
  • It helps to bring our community together and empower them to take control of their future. 

Would you are your organization like to take part in this monumental effort to heal and build our city? 

There are few primary ways you can take part :

  1. You can contribute your time, energy & effort. 
  2. You can donate financially to efforts to heal and build our city. 
  3. You can donate equipment  & supplies to help heal and build our city.