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A Seed A Day

As we kick off 2019 we are again setting out to do some big things to have a tremendous positive impact on the city of Baton Rouge.  As some of you may know THE CEO MIND Foundation kicked off Grow Baton Rouge officially a bit over 2 years ago with the goal of connecting the dots between the relationship of healthy food and health outcomes. We launched community gardens, urban farms, farmers markets, green houses and more, to educate, impact and get the community involved. 

In our doing, we learned a whole lot, and that learning has driven us to a set of goals for 2020 that when accomplished is going to be trans formative in a number ways for:

  • uniting the community
  • educating citizens on health  & wellness
  • helping to feed those in need
  • teaching more people how to grow food
  • beautifying areas of the city

With our “A Seed A Day” campaign, we are seeking to substantially increase our growing foot print all over the city of Baton Rouge and surrounding areas.   Not only are we working intentionally to grow more in our current spaces & and acquire more land for growing but we are asking YOU and every citizens, student warm body to help us plant seeds in any area in which they may grow. 

Every single day of 2019 starting February 2nd , we want you to help put a seed in the ground, or in a pot somewhere that will eventually lead to produce that can be consumed or used productively. 

Where do we want to see seeds planted?

  • Backyards
  • Front yards
  • Schools
  • On porches
  • In pots
  • On balconies
  • At houses of worship
  • At Businesses 

Get this, we are even giving you the seeds to plant, and we have started a facebook group to collectively educate you on the process , so we can work together to ensure successful production. 

This is going to be awesome!  

What do I do to get involved? 

There are plenty of things you can do to help Grow Baton Rouge, impact the city of Baton Rouge here are a few:

  • Spread the word
  • Help take care of gardens 
  • Donate seed, soil, tools or contribute financially to the work
  • Lend your expertise and education to equip others. 

WE look forward to you helping us plant seeds everyday that will help us bloom to greatness and positively impact many people in a real way and set a global example of what it looks when a community comes together to do something positive. 



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